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Front Door Remodeling Options Inspired by New York City

Front Door with Stairs

New York City is filled with all kinds of unique buildings, designs, and gorgeous architecture. One area with distinct designs and visuals are the doors in New York City. Many buildings feature unique door styles which help add to the signature look of the whole city.

As you plan to remodel the front of your home, there are many ways to infuse New York City style to the home you love. Various types of doors help math the exterior of your home while providing gorgeous views and great works of art built into the entryways.

Browse through various ideas of door types you can purchase to add a little New York City inspiration to your home. Learn a little about the history of the city and ways these styles have flourished through the years.

Double-Door Entries

One of the more distinct looks of New York City doors are their double entries. Two symmetrical door panels sit on the frame and open outward to create a large opening. These types of doors have been used for all types of buildings in New York.

The doors are commonly found in large building complexes. A stairway typically leads up to the doors. Guests can enter in one side and exit the other or open up both sizes at the same time. Along with the dual doors, each panel often includes a glass window pane.

The glass allows light to flow in and creates a nice view of the outdoors while you are inside the home. The door material usually contains wood or a synthetic material produced to look like wood.

Glass Frame Doors

Another authentic part of New York City are the revolving doors used on many skyscrapers. First installed in New York City in 1899, revolving doors became a mainstay and are still operational in many parts of the city today.

While adding a revolving on your home is not realistic, you can match the style of them through the front door you choose. The design of a revolving door typically includes an aluminum frame with a large glass panel.

Choose a door for your home composed of the same design. A thick glass panel can keep climate control in your home while providing all types of views to the exterior. The large glass frame offers a modern look for the home while still creating a classic homage to the city of New York.

Art Deco Door Designs

As you travel through New York City, the art deco designs around buildings and architecture are hard to ignore. One of the biggest examples of art deco is the curved designs featured on the Empire State Building. The designs feature bold colors, a mix geometric shapes, and abstract patterns.

Buildings looking to add a pop of design and style did it with vibrant and colorful art deco door designs. If the exterior of your home is a solid color, then you can add a lot of pop with art deco inspired doors.

There are multiple ways to choose an art deco door. The design can be painted on a wooden door. Different metal element elements may be used to separate the styles. A large number of art deco door designs used glass panels to showcase the style. Glass panels may feature colored panes or different cut patterns to represent art deco geometric shapes.

Blend the designs through different door materials including both steel, wood, and aluminum.

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