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Interior Door Design Options

Panel Door
When you are working on a construction project, you want to obtain highest-quality building materials and supplies for your new construction projects and remodeling jobs. Quality products and choices enhance any space.
This is especially true when installing interior doors as they can determine the style, flow, and aesthetics of the rooms that they separate. These doors come in many styles. To choose one, consider the size of the rooms on either side of the door. Then consider if you want the interior door to make a design statement or function as a secondary room feature. 
Here are some of the interior door designs and features to consider for a business office or residence.

Pocket Doors

When space is at a premium, you can install a pocket door that does not open out into a room but slides inside of the adjacent wall. Pocket doors have metal rollers on the top edge of the doors that engage with a track in the wall above the door.   
For optimal operation, install heavy-duty hardware that is perfectly level as repairing or adjusting this hardware will require access to the interior of the wall.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are the simplest kind of interior doors available. Panel doors and door frames are available in many sizes and can be easily found to fit large and small doors.
To decorate these panel doors, paint them in complementary or contrasting colors to the walls and ceiling colors of the rooms that they separate. For a more decorative design effect, decorate the surfaces of these panel doors with printed fabric or wallpaper.

Barn Doors

Barn doors come in pairs and are hung from a metal bar above the door opening. To open barn doors, slide them across the door opening and next to the adjacent wall. These doors are most effective when separating large rooms with rustic stylings.

Folding Doors

Folding doors can be made of wood panels or louvers that allow the easy circulation of air between rooms. These doors fold to the sides of the door opening so they are compact. 
Folding doors are installed where space is a problem as they avoid the extra space needed for doors that swing out into an interior room.

French Doors

For a business office or residence with traditional styling, you can install French doors. These doors have rectangular clear or frosted glass panels separated by wood slats. French doors offer a clear view into each of the separated rooms and allow a maximum amount of available light to enter both rooms.

Roll-Up Doors

Another space-saving interior door is a roll-up door. These doors roll up from the floor to the top of the door and do not take up any space within the room when opened.
Because they are so compact, roll-up doors are often installed in business offices and warehouses to store inventory.
Overhead Doors
Overhead Doors rotate on a horizontal axis that supports them when opened. These doors are classically used for residential garages or business warehouses to allow for larger loads to enter and exit the rooms.

Chalkboard Doors

For a unique and creative door, consider painting the panels of an interior door with chalkboard paint. This paint creates a hard, scratch-resistant surface that can be written on and then erased.
Chalkboard doors can be effective for a residential kitchen, studio, workroom, or child's room as well as for a business staff meeting room.
For a complete selection of interior doors, contact Mikro Corporation. We have a full line of doors, door frames, hardware, and other building materials and supplies to install and customize your building.