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Learn When to Refresh, Repair, or Replace Sliding Doors

Sliding Door
Patio doors are a nice addition to any home. One of the most popular choices for patio doors is sliding glass doors. The doors let in a lot of natural lighting and typically open up onto decks, porches, or the yard.
Patio doors are highly convenient, but they also need to be properly maintained. The doors operate using a tracks-and-rollers system installed on the top and bottom of the doors. Over time, the system can wear down. You can utilize several tips and tricks to keep the doors in optimal condition. Learn when to refresh, repair, or replace your patio doors.
Sliding doors will eventually lose the ability to slide easily over the tracks. Follow these steps to remove the stickiness or debris from your patio doors and restore the doors' sliding movement.
Sticky Tracks
Sticky tracks are a huge problem on sliding doors. To solve this you can rub a small amount of petroleum jelly along as much of the exposed tracks as possible. Slowly slide the doors back and forth so the wheels are covered with the substance. This should allow the door to roll more smoothly.
Every time people use the door, they track in debris. Rocks, pet fur, leaves, and other small items can get lodged into the tracks. The doors will no longer slide properly and may even get stuck if the debris is large enough. Take a broom and remove as much debris as you can. A vacuum will also suck up the majority of the items in the track. Open and close the door to check that all the debris is gone.
The patio doors can also malfunction over time due to normal wear and tear or accidents. The following tips will help you troubleshoot common issues with sliding doors.
The rollers connected to the patio door will become worn down or fall out of alignment over time. The doors will cease rolling smoothly as they should. When the rollers fall out of alignment, the door rubs against the track. It may sit crookedly or be difficult to maneuver along the track.
Locate the adjusting screw on the end of the rollers. Use a screw to turn it to raise the roller. Higher rollers will allow your patio doors to function properly again. If the rollers are completely worn down, however, they will need to be replaced.
The latch keeps the door closed. Wear and tear on the patio doors can lead to issues with the latch. For instance, debris caught inside the latch will cause problems with keeping the door fully closed
Open the door as far as you can while you work on it in order to get the best view of the latch. Squeeze petroleum jelly on the latch and dig at the inside of it with a small object like a pen. This should gently dislodge any debris stuck inside the door's latch. Turn the latch a few times to check if it is working properly again.
Some issues with the patio door will be too big for a refresh or repair. Large cracks in the glass of the sliding doors will require a replacement from an experienced door contractor. Don't try to remove the glass door without professional assistance because the glass could completely shatter and cause injuries to yourself or pets in the home. Close off access to the door until a professional can replace it.
When you require a repair or replacement for your sliding patio doors, Mikro Corporation has you covered. Contact us today to get a free estimate for any new doors for your home.