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Specialty Concrete & Epoxy Products

Mikro Corporation provides wholesale building materials and supplies to construction companies in Florida, especially materials that are hard to find or specialty items. What we do not keep in stock, we can get for you! Give us a call today or email us your invoice and we will give you a quote that will be sure to satisfy your budget.
Sometimes specialty or special-purpose supplies are required for a job, such as certain kind of concrete. We provide various specialty concrete products for your industry need, including concrete repair/patch products, concrete dyes, polishes, sealants, repellants, cleaners, hardeners and much more. We understand how you may find you need a product after the job has begun, and are stuck until it arrives. Call us immediately so we can get a rush order out to your job site!
Epoxy products can be blended in a variety of formulas for specific applications. There is likely a product to serve your particular need, so call us to discuss the epoxy you require. Mikro Corporation is staffed with experts in all areas of construction to answer your questions, give us a call!