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Selling Quality Concrete Products in Dade County

A building is only as stable as the materials used to lay the foundation, which is why concrete products set the standard in modern construction. Not only is this blend of substances sturdy enough to bear heavy loads, it can also be molded and sculpted to create intricate designs. Mikro Corp. has more than 25 years of experience supplying contractors throughout Broward County, and we proudly offer a wide range of products, including:
  • Repair and patch products
  • Dyes
  • Form treatments
  • Polishes
  • Toppings and hardeners
  • Grouts
  • Sealants, cleaners and repellants

The Durability of Epoxy

Epoxy products offer a wide range of applications, but it’s important to know how these substances work. While many people think of this product as a strong glue to fix broken household items, it’s actually a sophisticated blend of chemicals. By combining a polyepoxide and a hardening agent and letting it set, the end result is a durable adhesive that acts as a powerful sealant. We offer a full range of supplies that can be used to seal concrete and coat garage floors, as well as create seamless driveways and decks.

Convenient to Palm Beach County and Dade County

If you work on construction projects in Dade County, Broward County or Palm Beach County, turn to Mikro Corp. whenever it’s time to purchase concrete or epoxy products. We also specialize in shipping items to the rest of Florida and internationally to Latin America, the Bahamas and Caribbean nations, which means that you can buy from our extensive catalog for job sites in a variety of locations. To speak with a specialist to start a new order or learn more about our other products such as exterior insulation and finish systems, call our warehouse today at (954) 978-6586.