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We Carry Unique Door Frames for Your Broward County Projects

You might think of doors as simply a way to gain access to a building, but there’s a lot of room for stylistic choices when it comes to entry portals. While many people use decorative windows and transoms to give an artistic flourish, door frames provide similar opportunities for expression. Whether you’re interested in a minimalist model that creates a flush surface or more elaborate designs that surround the entryway with ornate carvings, an experienced building supplies firm can get it for you. Dade County contractors have turned to Mikro Corp. for construction materials since 1991, and we can help you purchase the perfect frame to finish your project.

Customize Your Building With Modular Walls

While walls might seem like permanent installations, many contractors are turning to modular wall systems in new construction. Not only are these building components an effective way to divide larger rooms into smaller spaces, but they can also be repositioned to reapportion space based on individual needs. For the owner of a business that’s primed for expansion, this offers maximum flexibility without necessitating massive remodeling projects. We carry a full lineup of these products, and we even offer acoustic baffling panels to shield people from machine noise and other auditory distractions.

Working With Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County Contractors

With services available in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Dade County and the rest of Florida, turn to Mikro Corp. whenever you need to buy wall cladding, door frames or other products for your projects in the Sunshine State. For overseas developments, we can also ship your orders to a variety of countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. To speak with one of our customer service representatives or inquire about product availability, call our office today at (954) 978-6586.